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Stresses in Soil by the Program Quick ELPLA Stresses in Soil by the Program Quick ELPLA HOT

Stresses in Soil

by the Program Quick ELPLA

This book describes the essential equations used in Quick ELPLA to obtain stresses in soil with some verification examples. The problems of stresses in soil outlined in this book can be also analyzed by the program ELPLA and the same results can be obtained. Quick ELPLA is a simple user interface program and needs little information to define a problem. It is prefer to use it for a simple foundation geometry. Furthermore, ELPLA can also read data files of a problem of stress in soil defined by Quick ELPLA. User can analyze the problem again by ELPLA.



Although the numerical procedure outlined here is valid for loaded areas of any arbitrary shape, but only the two special cases of loaded areas; rectangular and circular, in addition to the point load are taken into consideration.


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