ELPLA 12 Enhancements

Numerical models

1- Analysis of cylindrical tanks
A cylindrical tank with the foundation as a unit on a layered subsoil, taking into account the soil-structure interaction can be analyzed. The nine main methods for analyzing rafts in ELPLA are also considered for analyzing cylindrical tanks with rafts.

FE-Net Generation

1- Horizontal and vertical rulers
Horizontal and vertical rulers, if desired, allow the user to quickly and easily define exactly points, lines, rectangles, circulars, and polygons.

Quick ELPLA 12 Enhancements

Mathematical models

1- Analysis of single pile under a moment and lateral load
It is possible to analyze a single pile under a moment and lateral load on layered compressible soil or half-space soil medium. The analysis of a single pile can be carried out linearly or nonlinearly.

New books

The following new two books have been written:
Analysis of Axisymmetric Structures and Tanks by the Program ELPLA. Part I: Numerical models.
This book describes procedures and methods available in ELPLA to analyze circular cylindrical shell structures considering circular cylindrical tanks resting on any layered compressible soil as one unit taking into account the soil-structure interaction effect.

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