New Features

The new features and enhancements of GEOTEC Office 13.1 are the result of feedback from users of different Engineering schools over the world for the last years.
The recent version of GEOTEC Office includes improved graphic scaling functionality that allows users to easily fit their graphics to paper size and adjust margins without the need for manual adjustments. This feature saves time, minimizes errors, and ensures accurate and consistent final output. Other enhancements in the recent version include improved performance, new tools and features, and improved user interfaces, making the software more powerful and effective for designers.
The recent version of ELPLA simplifies drafting steel reinforcement drawings by generating them according to design code parameters and providing flexibility to customize dimensions and steel parameters. It allows for the export of drawings in various formats and features the "RFT Details" tool for quick and easy generation of reinforcing steel drawings based on design parameters. 
Great improvements are being made for the boring fields. In the recent version some algorithms have been added to define the boring fields. This enables us to precisely simulate the three-dimensional soil behavior under the foundation in the analysis. The algorithms are fully automatic. Besides the Hand-Division method, the user can also export existing boring fields, which are automatically defined by one of the available algorithms, to the Hand division process to further modify the boring fields according to his wishes. 
One of the main Features of ELPLA is that loads on the raft or slab can be applied independently on the mesh at any position. Loads may be defined in different types such as point loads, line loads, and polygon distributed loads. In the current version, to avoid incorrect distribution of polygon loads for concave polygons, the distributed polygon loads can be distributed to sub-polygons by two different algorithms.
The software also includes enhancements to the drawing and finite element mesh generation capabilities, such as improved drawing tools, mesh generation algorithms, mesh editing tools, and performance. The DXF import/export engine and handling of 3DFACE entities have also been improved, enabling users to work with these file formats more efficiently and effectively. These enhancements save time and improve productivity in creating accurate and dependable models.
There are several new subprograms developed for geotechnical analysis and design in the recent version of GEO Tools, each with their specific focus and application.
1- Beam on Elastic Foundation subprogram that simulates the behavior of a beam supported on an elastic foundation.
2- Modified Cam-Clay Model subprogram that analyzes the behavior of saturated clay soils under different loading conditions.
3- Axially and Laterally Loaded Pile subprogram that analyzes the behavior of elastic pile with soil stiffness determined by Mindlin solutions.
4- Laterally Loaded Pile subprogram that analyzes the behavior of elastic pile with soil reaction determined from P-y curves.
5- Elastic Embedded Pile subprogram that analyzes the behavior of elastic pile with the modulus of the subgrade reaction determined by Bowels or the user.
6- Anchored or Cantilever Sheet Pile Walls subprogram that analyzes the behavior of sheet pile walls under different analysis options and methods.
7- Lateral Earth Pressure subprogram that determines the lateral earth pressure acting on a retaining structure.
8- Total and Effective Vertical Stress subprogram that determines the total and effective vertical stress in soil under different loading conditions.
These new subprograms could be beneficial in the analysis and design of various geotechnical structures, allowing for a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of their behavior and performance under different loading conditions.
GEOTEC Office 13.1 is now compacted into three programs: ELPLA, Bohr and GEO Tools. GEO Tools has 22 sub-programs that allow users to investigate various problems in Geotechnical Engineering. New books are available to describe the essential equations used in it. Each book includes many illustrated examples with data files. 

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