• User interface and help system are available in 3 languages: English, German and Arabic
  • Analysis of an elastic, a rigid, or flexible foundation
  • The numerical model of soil-structure interaction is under 9 calculation methods
  • Design of the raft according to ACI, EC 2, DIN 1045, and ECP
  • Generation of the FE mesh of the raft with different element types
  • Automatic generation of the FE mesh of the raft
  • Smoothing the FE mesh
  • Direct and arrange all elements
  • Refining the FE mesh
  • Merge two or more nets
  • Split the FE-Net into two or more nets
  • Powerful mesh generator (for the generation of square, rectangular, circular, and annular rafts)
  • Beam elements for modeling stiff walls on the raft
  • Translational and rotational springs on the raft can be added at nodes
  • Elastic or fixed rotations and deflections can be taken into account.
  • Determining contact pressures, settlements, internal forces, subgrade reactions, and reinforcement of the slab
  • Node coordinates and boundary nodes of the FE mesh can be imported from a table via MS Excel
  • The arbitrary shape of slabs, holes are also possible
  • Variable slab thickness and foundation depth in vertical and horizontal directions
  • Consideration of the reduction coefficients α according to DIN 4019 Part 1
  • Point loads, line loads, area loads, and moments at any position independent of the finite element net
  • Polygonal load with variable ordinates and line moment
  • Loading and reloading modulus of compressibility are considered
  • The soil is defined by a number of borings each boring has multi-layers with different soil material
  • Variable thickness and discontinuous soil strata
  • Consideration of the variation of the subsoil in the three directions according to three methods
  • Drawing soil layers by different symbols and colors according to DIN 4023 for easy identification
  • Consideration of groundwater and overburden pressure effects
  • The color representation of the dimensions, slab plans, and results on the screen or printer
  • Presentation of the results as values in the plan, contour lines, circular diagrams
  • Drawing results in isometric view
  • Distribution of results in the plan
  • Drawing deformations as deformed mesh
  • Principal moments as streaks
  • Drawing sections of results from several calculation methods in one view
  • Data and results of several projects can be displayed together
  • Tabulation of data and final results on the screen or printer
  • Results can be saved in an ASCII file
  • The drawings can optionally be saved as a WMF file
  • There are detailed explanations in the user manual with numerical examples
  • Short help information can be requested at any interface location
  • Import or export the data to MS Excel
  • Export the results and diagrams to MS Excel
  • Export the data and results to MS Word
  • A group of data with results together in one presentation
  • Copying drawings to the clipboard for use in word processors
  • Analyzing system of rafts or piled rafts in one mesh
  • Analysis of a rigid pile group or free-standing raft on a rigid pile group
  • Analysis of a slab floor, plane frame or plane stress, grid
  • Analysis of system of many slab foundations
  • Analysis of rotational shell, axisymmetric stress, or axisymmetric structures
  • Analysis of cylindrical tanks
  • Analysis of beam or grid on elastic foundation
  • Dynamic analysis of structures
  • Determining stresses, strains, and displacements in soil
  • Importing references from a DXF-file into ELPLA
  • Importing FE-Net as "3DFACE" AutoCAD type into ELPLA
  • Create a DXF-File from the finite element mesh or any graphic in the FE-Net mode
  • Create a 3DFACE-File from the finite element mesh of rectangular elements
  • Reduce computational time and computer storage by using the system symmetry

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