GEOTEC Office 11 Enhancements

1- In project list, user can search for projects listed in subfolders.

ELPLA 11 Enhancements

1- Two new methods for analyzing pile group and piled raft are considered:
a) Nonlinear analysis using German recommendation EA-Piles for lower and upper table values.
b) Nonlinear analysis using a given load-settlement curve.
The last one enables the user to use a relation between load and settlement of the pile from field test data or a relation available from his local code.
24- Significant performance improvements in handling data files, some of them

25- Settings for "Fill color" and "Display values" can be modified separately for ELPLA and Quick ELPLA.

Quick ELPLA 11 Enhancements

1- Bearing capacity of pile and pile wall can be also determined according to German recommendation EA-Piles for lower and upper table values.

BOHR 11 Enhancements

  1. Drawing soil layers according to ASTM D2487 Standard.
  2. Input and Result Tabs have been combined in one tab allowing the user to edit and print output from the same view.
  3. Boring logs are listed in the project tab allowing quick access to a single boring log view.

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