Omer El Gendy, member of the GEOTEC team, has completed his PhD at Suez Canal University in 17-11-2022
El Gendy joined the team at an early stage during the development of the GEOTEC Office suite. As a student at the Faculty of Engineering, he helped write User’s Manuals of all GEOTEC Office programs, presented many illustrated examples and tested output results and analyses.

El Gendy received his MSc from Port Said University in 2015. His thesis focused on the analysis of tanks under static and cyclic loading “Behavior of Tanks under Static and Cyclic Loading”. He presented his great research work in ELPLA and wrote many books about it with illustrated examples:

Analysis of Axisymmetric Structures and Tanks by ELPLA Part I (Numerical models)

Analysis of Axisymmetric Structures and Tanks by ELPLA Part II (Verification Examples)

Analysis of Axisymmetric Structures and Tanks by ELPLA Part III (Tutorial Examples)

Time-Settlement Curve by the Program Quick ELPLA

Zeit-Setzungskurve mit dem Programm Quick ELPLA

Degree of Consolidation (Constant, Variable, and Cyclic Loadings) by the Program Quick ELPLA

El Gendy showed an early interest in the soil-structure interaction. He co-authored the two most widely read chapters in ResearchGate on the two tallest skyscrapers in the world, Burj Khalifa and Shanghai Tower. According to ResearchGate records, more than 25700 readers to date have read the two chapters together.

Analysis of Piled raft of Burj Khalifa in Dubai by ELPLA

Analysis of Piled raft of Shanghai Tower in Shanghai by ELPLA
Omar PhD.png
Omar El Gendy mediates the supervisors and examiners, Prof. Mustafa Zidan, Prof. Mohamed Mohamedien, Dr. Ezzaat Sallam and Prof. Sherif Murad
His PhD concerned with the optimal structural design and innovative systems for offshore wind turbines at high altitudes as part of the global focus on new and renewable energies and climate change “Behavior of Wind Turbine Towers with Outrigger Systems”. All formulations of the Finite-Elements-Method in the thesis have been new developed to be applicable to large structural systems.

The computer codes of the new formulation will be gradually considered in GEOTEC Office for analyzing, towers and monopiles of any shape.

GEOTEC Office Authors: M. El Gendy and A. El Gendy



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In 2014, GEOTEC Software Inc. was re-incorporated in Canada to continue developing GEOTEC Office suite.

GEOTEC Office Authors:  Prof. M. El Gendy and Dr. A. El Gendy

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