Dr. Mahmoud El Gendy, member of the GEOTEC team, wins the award for the best PhD thesis in the field of engineering and technological sciences at Port Said University.
El Gendy joined the team at an early stage during the development of the GEOTEC Office suite. As a student at the Faculty of Engineering, he wrote the code for the Help functions of all GEOTEC Office programs. El Gendy received his MSc from Port Said University in 2016. His thesis focused on analyzing foundations under heavy loaded structures, "Behavior of Large-Section Supports under Heavy Loaded Structures".

Then, he further developed his methods for PhD work in 2021 to be applicable for laterally loaded barrette foundations, "Modeling Barrette Foundations under Lateral Loads". The computer codes of the methods developed in his MSc and PhD thesis were implemented in GEOTEC Office. Consequently, the analysis of Single Barrette, Barrette Group, and Barrette-Raft are presented in GEOTEC Office.
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Dr. Mahmoud El Gendy between Prof. Dr. Ayman Ibrahim President of Port Said University and Prof. Dr. Rawya Rizk Vice President of Port Said University for Graduate Studies and Research

GEOTEC Office Authors: M. El Gendy and A. El Gendy



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In 2014, GEOTEC Software Inc. was re-incorporated in Canada to continue developing GEOTEC Office suite.

GEOTEC Office Authors:  Prof. M. El Gendy and Dr. A. El Gendy

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