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Bearing Capacity of Single Pile and Pile Wall Bearing Capacity of Single Pile and Pile Wall HOT

Bearing Capacity of Single Pile

and Pile Wall

by the Program Quick ELPLA

Various problems in geotechnical Engineering can be investigated by the program Quick ELPLA. The original version of the program Quick ELPLA in the ELPLA package was developed to calculate the settlement and bearing capacity of single pile and pile wall according to DIN 4014 (edition 03/1990) and to draw the results in diagrams according to the German Code. Further development the program to meet the needs of practice. The development includes the interpolation between the values of Tables 1, 2, 4 and 5 of the German standard DIN 4014. User friendly interface for defining data or present results is also developed. Furthermore, many changes were carried out to the graphical output.



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