Quick ELPLA is a graphical software product that operates under Microsoft Windows for analyzing different problems in geotechnical engineering such as stresses, strain, displacements in soil, consolidation settlement, degree of consolidation, time-settlement curve, displacement of the rigid raft, consolidation of the rigid raft, settlement of footing groups. In addition, it can analyze different types of deep foundation problems such as analysis of single pile, single barrette, piled raft, barrette raft, Sheet pile wall; determine the bearing capacity and settlement of single pile or pile wall; obtain stress coefficient according to GEDDES. Quick ELPLA version 12 is a major update to Quick ELPLA v11.4. It has a significant enhancement. The new features and enhancements are the result of feedback from users over the last years.
Figure 1 "Analysis type" Form

Analysis of shallow foundation


Analysis of deep foundation


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