Graphical drawing of data and results

You can display, plot and print data and results graphically using the sub program ELPLA-Graphic. It is possible to draw raft geometry, boring locations, soil profiles, loading, boundary conditions, settlement, deformation, contact pressure, moment, shear, modulus of subgrade reaction and reinforcement (Figure A-8 to Figure A-14).

The results and data can be presented graphically as follows:

  • Data in the plan
  • Data in isometric view
  • Boring locations
  • Boring logs
  • Limit depth
  • Arrangement of rafts including neighbor foundations
  • Result values in the plan
  • Distribution of results in the plan
  • Results as contour lines
  • Results in isometric view
  • Results as circular diagrams
  • Principal moments as streaks
  • Support reactions as arrows
  • Deformation
  • Girders

The graphical drawing, if desired, can be saved as WMF-Files format. In which can be exported into other Windows applications to prepare reports, slide presentations, or add further information to the drawing.


Figure A-8 Results can be tabulated on the mesh


Figure A-9 Results can be contoured


Figure A-10 Moment distribution on the raft can be plotted


Figure A-11 Principal moments as streaks


Figure A-12 Raft deformation can be plotted as a deformed mesh


Figure A-13 Results can be plotted in isometric shape


Figure A-14 Results can be plotted as circular diagram

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