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Analysis of Piled Rafts Analysis of Piled Rafts  by the program ELPLA Analysis of Piled Rafts Analysis of Piled Rafts by the program ELPLA HOT

Analysis of Piled Rafts


by the program ELPLA


Today, nearly every engineering office has its own computer programs for the analysis and design of piled rafts. Furthermore, most of the available programs under Windows are user-friendly and give very excellent output graphics with colors. Consequently, theoretically a secretary not an engineer can use them. But the problem here is how can man control the data and check the results.

The purpose of this book is to present methods, equations, procedures and techniques used in the formulation of the computer analysis of piled rafts. These items are coded in the program ELPLA.


This book contains many practical problems which are analyzed in details by using the program ELPLA. It is important for the engineer to be familiar with this information when carrying out computer analysis of piled rafts. An understanding of these concepts will be of great benefit in carrying out the computer analysis, resolving difficulties and judging the acceptability of the results. Three familiar types of subsoil models (standard models) for piled raft analyses are considered. The models are Simple Assumption Model, Winkler’s Model and Continuum Model. In the analysis, rafts are treated as elastic or rigid. In this book the Finite Element-Method was used to analyze the raft, in which plate bending elements represent the raft according to the two-dimensional nature of foundation. The development of the finite element equations for plate elements is well documented in standard textbooks such as Schwarz (1984) and Zienkiewicz/ Cheung (1970). Therefore, it is not duplicated in this book.


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