ELPLA Editions

ELPLA is available in two editions, each geared to meet a specific set of user requirements. The features available to you depend on which product you have.


ELPLA Lite Edition

ELPLA Lite edition allows users to easily create projects for analysis and design floor slab or raft foundation. It includes all the ELPLA standard functions except that the node number is limited to 300 nodes.

Full documentation is provided with ELPLA Lite edition.

Documentation provided with ELPLA includes the "ELPLA reinforced concrete design" book plus ELPLA User’s Guide containing full documentation of ELPLA theory with illustrated examples.


ELPLA Professional Edition

The professional edition provides professional users with all methods for analysis and design floor slab, isolated raft or system of rafts. It includes all the features of the ELPLA theory.

The following table shows the difference among ELPLA editions:

  Lite Professional
Max. number of nodes 300 Unlimited
Analysis of system of many foundations - x
Calculation methods:    
1-Linear Contact Pressure x x
2- Constant Modulus of Subgrade Reaction x x
3- Variable Modulus of Subgrade Reaction x x
4- Modification of Modulus of Subgrade Reaction by Iteration - x
5- Isotropic Elastic Half Space - x
6- Modulus of Compressibility (Iteration) x x
7- Modulus of Compressibility (Elimination) - x
8- Rigid Slab x x
9- Flexible foundation - x
System Symmetry:    
Symmetrical system about x-axis - x
Symmetrical system about y-axis - x
Double-symmetrical system - x
Anti-symmetrical system in x-axis - x
Special Cases:    
Influence of temperature change - x
Influence of additional settlements - x
Influence of external foundation - x


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